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About Jiva Yoga Center



I founded Jiva Yoga in 2001. It was my passion and I wanted to just share with as many people as possible. I started by supporting my yoga passion thru my massage therapy business, it was literally the caboose pushing and encouraging the growth of the yoga program. Over the years it has organically grown into this amazing community of teachers and students beyond anything I could have imagined. My husband, Ken joined me in 2009 in co-ownership and we have grown so much since then. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such a talented and passionate team of teachers, Therapists and Staff.  We do our best to try and create conditions for each teacher to come alive and be themselves.


We are forever grateful for this practice and everyone and every experience it has provided.

Namaste'  Jean & Ken Rioux

Hilton Head Island: 1032 William Hilton Parkway | Bluffton Location: 3 Godfrey Place | Phone (843)247-4549