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Connie Cappy



Straight-forward and relaxed best describes my teaching style.  I like to connect right away to the energy of each class, and use breath and movement to build and expand that energy into a uniquely creative, challenging flow.  I enjoy feeling what is needed in each moment so that empowering sequences can unfold organically.


The rhythm of each class unfolds as students use breath and movement to release unnecessary tension in their bodies, and become present to the experience.  As an instructor, it is important to provide space for students to make their own discoveries:  the subtle shifts in their poses that allow for greater opening in their bodies; the emotional shifts that grow from a cleansing and purifying practice; the mental shifts that bring clarity and focus to our thoughts.


As the synergy of a class crescendos, there follows the sweet surrender of relaxation poses.  In these moments, our hearts beat as one, we breathe as one, we feel complete.  We are living, breathing, and sharing our yoga with one another.  And it is this sharing – this sense of oneness – that makes teaching yoga so very special to me.


I hope you will join me on the mat.

Namaste, Connie.

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