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Wendy Methvin

ERYT 200


When Wendy took her first yoga class, she knew that it would not be her last.  She fell in love with how she felt during and after yoga: strong, flexible, joyful, confident, and compassionate toward herself and others.  Following her heart, Wendy trained to become an instructor and has been teaching ever since. She loves to help students discover the beauty of the breath with the power of movement, and the acceptance of self and others that yoga offers.  Always emphasizing the practice of honoring the body's current state-of-being, students are guided by Wendy to explore all the possibilities yoga has to improve the health and well-being of mind, body, and spirit.

She teaches yoga because she loves it! She loves the way yoga is for everyone at every stage in life. Practicing yoga keeps you healthy, fit, and beautiful inside and out.

Wendy sees her yoga practice as an essential part of her life.  Her wish is to encourage everyone to begin their practice and open themselves up to the possibility of positive change in their lives.  Wendy’s gentle, instructive teaching style encourages students of all levels and brings support and a non-judgmental attitude to her class to let students know that a yoga practice is a fun and a valuable experience.  Wendy has taught in a variety of settings and she maintains a daily personal yoga practice, in studio and at home.

Wendy has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Tennessee, has been married to Michael for 20 years and has two children: Madeline and Jack.  Besides yoga, she loves to read a good book, run a solitary road, bake delicious treats, entertain friends, tend her garden, walk on the beach, study Scripture, spend time with family, walk her two dogs, and travel the world.  She looks forward to meeting you!

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