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Jessica Golden

RYT 200


Hey There! I guess if you are reading this you want to learn a little more about me! So, thank you, in advance, for taking the time to get to know me. I moved to Hilton Head Island, from Aspen, CO with my two Labradors, in 2012. I relocated to be closer to family, most of which who have migrated to Hilton Head from Up State NY. When I first landed here I took a job as a Stand-Up-Paddle Board instructor/guide. Since then, that has evolved into my now, co-ownership of a watersports company. My three passions are SUP, waterskiing (really anything on the water) and, of course, Yoga!

I started dabbling in Yoga, 14 years ago, as a freshman in college. I was initially thrown off by the silence during class. I gravitated to more social, contact activities where I didn’t have to sit with myself. I now know that this is what my body needed the most. I would continue over the years to take Vinyassa classes here and there, but nothing consistent every stuck. When I initially moved here, I took up a 30-day challenge at a Bikram Yoga Studio. I was hooked! I loved the sweat and the 26-posture practice. I knew that each time I walked out of class, I would feel like I got a good work out and great sense of physical accomplishment. I would then consistently practice Bikram for a whole year. After a year, I started searching for more. More of what? I really did not know, but something beyond the sweat, which I was clinging to in Bikram. It was at that point I found Jiva Yoga Center.
I began taking beginner Vinyassa classes because I wanted to start from the ground up. I really enjoyed the freedom that the Vinyassa practice really lends itself to. Unlike, the more strict practice of Birkam, Vinyassa has a base structure but each class is completely different and of course each teacher can also add their own personal flair. This was what I was searching for. A practice with more fluidity and freedom and Jiva provided just what I needed.

I began to notice a shift in my body. While I was still getting the physical work out I also noticed a mental shift. Things, like anxiety, that had once hindered my life, began to dissipate. Whereas before I was afraid to sit in silence with myself, this now became the thing that would keep me returning to my mat. As my asana practice deepened, my desire to learn more about everything yoga intensified. It was at this moment that it became clear, I wanted to journey through the teacher-training program at Jiva. And so I did!
In May of 2016, I completed my 200HR RYT certification through Jiva Yoga Center, under my two great teachers, Jean and Vicki. I can honestly say this has been the greatest experience in my life, thus far. I have learned more about myself in the past 5 years of practicing both Birkram and Vinyassa, than I have in the last 34 years of my life. I believe the greatest accomplishment that Yoga has brought to my life is my ability to listen. Not only to listen to others, but to really listen internally, so that I can make decisions to better myself first, so that I can show up and be a better person to and for others. This is invaluable to me. I’m very passionate about creating a safe and fun environment for my students to practice in. A space where you can get to know the real you and accept the real you without judgment. The way we navigate through our yoga practice is parallel to the way we navigate through life. So choose your yoga path, one of which is joyful and full of laughter and love and this will soon become your path in all things life.

In the words of Jigar Gor “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.” I look forward to continuing my Yoga journey as a student and as a teacher at Jiva Yoga Center. I hope to see you on the mat soon!

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