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Katrina Moseley

RYT 200


9 years ago I walked into my first yoga class to change my body. I stayed because yoga transformed my mind and spirit,too. I knew within my first year of practicing that I would eventually spend my days teaching yoga and in Jan of 2016, I had the privilege of becoming a Jiva yoga trainee for RYT200 instruction. In this training is where I first began studying the sutras and I began to understand that those of us who find the yogic way of life, are indeed the blessed ones. I also learned that anyone, anywhere at anytime is ready for this journey and I am honored that today I can be there for their first time or the thousandth time on the mat. Outside of my passion and love for yoga, I have three resilient, kind and dedicated children, one four-legged baby who loves sitting in my home studio with me and I'm married to a man who supports all my endeavors and who himself, has begun his own morning practice. I practice yoga daily, if only going to my mat in the morning for my readings and meditation and I enjoy running, biking and lifting when time permits. I juice daily and believe Mother Earths abundance is only as bountiful as I am grateful. Grateful I am, indeed- for life, for yoga, for love.

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