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Rosemary Clark

RYT 200


Rumi said “whatever you seek is seeking you”.  That’s certainly how I feel about yoga.  My personal and professional life have been a quest to understand and embody self-acceptance, a resilient spirit, and a forgiving and calm mind.  When I take my first deep breath in the studio I often feel like everything I need is immediately present.  This doesn’t mean that my life problems are solved with each pose or that first sip of air, but instead there is the realization that the capacity to thrive is ever present inside of me.

I enjoy studying and sharing the energy of yoga with others.  When we begin to understand how we can move and change the subtle emotional energy in our bodies by moving into a physical pose we open up so many additional possibilities for healing and growth.  Our breath invites our minds and our bodies into a softer union with one another.  

My classes offer insights into ways to enhance emotional healing and awareness into the physical practice of yoga and to carry those insights off the mat into your everyday life.

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