Benefits of Yoga


  • Yoga is an opportunity to connect with ones spirit and challenge oneself to look inside and delve deep into the fire within.
  • Yoga reduces stress and tension, builds and tones muscles, realigns the entire body for better posture.
  • Improves circulation and digestion, teaches correct breathing, strengthens the immune system, enhances concentration, focus, creativity, and much much more.

And especially helps with Inner Fitness...

Inner Fitness?
As we all know, when we experience stress or depression we pull our family and community down with us.  But what is also true, is that when we dedicate a relatively small amount of time each week becoming more conscious and kinder human beings, while simultaneously improving our health and vitality, we elevate not only our own lives, but also elevate our family and community.

What we attempt in yoga is to leave the craziness of our lives behind to feel more vital, relaxed, and sane.  As we do this, what we cannot help but take from the yoga room is a kinder, more focused, more patient and of course, a more physically healthy sense of being.  Although yoga appears to be primarily physical, its benefits are far reaching.
Beginners-Getting Started

Anyone can do yoga-no matter how young or old you are, whether you're a couch potato or a professional athlete. Size and fitness level do not matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose. The idea is to explore your limits, not strive for some pretzel-like perfection.

Start by going to a yoga class. Look for a teacher who challenges , who offers modifications, and who works one-on-one with students. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move. Use a yoga mat for cushioning and to keep from slipping.

Patience and feeling good about yourself and your world is the way of the yogi.

Ask about any first time packages or savings for the beginner or first time student. We can help you get started.

Stop by our studio and talk to the staff about which class may be right for you and inform us of any physical conditions that you may have.

Bring a Yoga mat, sweat towel and a water bottle. We can assist you with these items if you dont have them.

**Read the "Etiquette" information on our web site so you have a better understanding of how to proceed with your Yoga practice once you enter the studio.

Most importantly come and meet your community, have fun and grow within yourself and with the Yoga community. Call us with any questions 843-247-4549 or 247-0004