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3 week Kundalini & Gong Experience.  Detox & Retox.

3 week Kundalini & Gong Experience. Detox & Retox.

“Out with the old and in with the good”.

Join Candace Blair and spend the first 2 weekends cleansing the body by working on the liver, kidneys, bowels and adrenals for a deep detoxification! The last weekend will transition to opening our mind, body and soul to goodness! We will focus on opening the heart center to bring in fresh supplies of green energy so that we can attract more love and new opportunities to our lives! The gong will be used to aid relaxation during sevansa but also to work through physical and emotional blocks in the body through vibrational healing so we can release and flow!!!

Weekend 1
Hilton Head - Sat. 1/6/18 - 3-4:30pm:  Kriya for Detoxification.
We continuously detoxify throughout life be it food, thoughts, all forms of energy. When that flow is continuous and clear we are steady and flexible, but often we accumulate more than we process which weighs us down mentally and physically. This set systematically moves energy of the body and mind to keep us Light and vitalized!

Bluffton - Sun. 1/7/18 - 2-3:30pm :  Let the Liver Live!
A fun & fiery set focused on cleansing “Mr Liver”! It will help us to release deep seated toxins through a combination of deep pranayam and asanas targeting the liver and kidneys. A strong gong session focused on the 2nd and 3rd chakras will act as a further aid in flushing out the system!

Weekend 2
Hilton Head - Sat 1/13/18 - 3-4:30pm :  Stress set for the adrenals and kidneys.

Our energy can be flowing, we can be eating well and sleeping well but if our adrenals fail, it’s hard to keep up! Glandular balance,especially in the adrenals and kidneys help to give us that extra edge! This Kriya helps us to restore that balance.

Bluffton -Sun 1/14/18 - 2-3:30pm:  Kriya for Elimination and circulation!
This Kriya flows like a symphony when done correctly. The movements combined with pressure from each of the postures activate cleansing channels in the skin, liver, intestines and lymph glands. It will make you sweat, and help remove toxins and tensions from the body!

Weekend 3

Retox time! In with the good! After two weekends of cleansing the body of toxins, we are open to bringing in the GOOD! Heart energy, soul connection and endless opportunities!

Hilton Head - Sat 1/20/18 - 3-4:30pm:  Opportunity & Green energy set.

This Kriya helps us approach prosperity from the heart centered consciousness helping us to realize that opportunities can come a variety of forms. We work on building our resource if green energy at the heart center to strengthen our emotional resolve and self reliance! Yeah!

Bluffton - Sun 1/21/18 - 2-3:30pm:  Heart & Soul.

This Kriya helps us to recharge our heart center energy, and connect with our true self. After 2 weeks of detox, we retox with goodness and gratitude in our heart & soul!


Come to one or ALL of the sessions!  Just $20 drop in.  Please pre-register.